Wireless technology is perhaps the hottest growth area in the technical sector. Reinfold Physical Innovation Labs engineers continue to be at the forefront of this technology explosion, developing hardware and software for a variety of wireless technologies.

Reinfold Physical Innovation Labs engineers are experts across a wide range of leading silicon solutions including:
  • Philips
  • Intel
  • l Texas Instruments
  • PIC

We provide a wide range of conventional 802.11 station software including firmware, device drivers, configuration utilities, OEM customization kits, installation software, control panel applets, and custom application software. These solutions include support for the following operating systems:

  • Windows (all desktop versions)
  • Windows CE / Pocket PC
  • Windows Embedded
  • Mac OS
  • uC-OS II
  • Linux
  • Other RTOS and custom operating environments

Software Supports a variety of device types, including:

  • PCI
  • USB
  • Other bus interfaces

Reinfold Physical Innovation Labs provides specialized Bluetooth stack, device driver, and firmware development for Bluetooth devices. Reinfold Physical Innovation Labs can leverage many years of audio and multimedia development for your Bluetooth multimedia devices. We also offer development support for cable replacement devices, Bluetooth host controller interface projects, serial (UART) and USB Bluetooth products.

Infrared (IR)

We have experience in a wide variety of IR development projects, including embedded products and PC peripherals. Our experience encompasses IR communication devices, sensor applications, scanners and bar code devices. Our developers also design hardware and software for optically isolated digital I/O products.

About Company

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Company in Bangalore, India, specialized in designing , development and implementation activity in VLSI & Embedded domain.

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