Board Support Packages Development

Reinfold Physical Innovation Labs Embedded Software Team has significant experience in Board Support Package (BSP) development for various Real Time and embedded operating systems. We have experience working with the following hardware platforms: ARM, StrongARM, x86, PowerPC, MIPS, MIPSII, XScale, 8/16 bit microcontrollers, and DSP architectures such as TI, Analog Devices and Motorola.
Our engineers create BSPs and implement device drivers for standard and custom development boards. We create custom board support packages to rapidly deploy an operating system and fully utilize the features of the underlying hardware platform. We can configure the BSP to support the desired peripherals, operating system features, file systems and memory types. We can also create a boot loader to initialize and customize your hardware and device drivers. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of the following operating systems: VxWorks, Windows CE, Linux (multiple distributions), , QNX, and Symbian

We have Experience in:
  • Boot-loader Development
  • Memory and Clock Controller Initialization
  • I2C, I2S control interfaces
  • Complex Board Support Packages
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Design & Interoperability Testing
  • Custom Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
Communication Standards and Protocols
  • Zigbee protocol
  • 802.11/a/b/g Development
  • Bluetooth
  • xDSL / Broadband communications
  • Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cellular Communications
  • Satellite Communications
  • PS software
  • Military radio and communication systems

About Company

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Company in Bangalore, India, specialized in designing , development and implementation activity in VLSI & Embedded domain.

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